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This actually is the beginning of a crowd funding proposal for off-grid housing of, of FoamKrete LLC (of Oregon) AAC Concrete walls built on their sides and titled up or pumped CLC Concrete for "spraycreteing", or even 3D printing as done in China. Search YouTube clips for the latest Asian AAC, and CLC, house building clips on how far ahead the so called third world is of US.

Combine FoamKrete with the thinking about building slightly alkaline of acid rainwater harvesting through "smart roofs" to help solve a growing need for middle class affordable housing that is compliant with Global Warming / Climate Change concerns. Know that in 30-years of rooftop testing, solar silver has not worn out, which means construction costs could easily be amortized by not having to pay an electricity bill.

FoamKrete technology is an ice to forest fire protection as recently shown in Washington State on TV stories and news feeds all over the World. Where the London Mail ran a, Survivalist rides out Washington wildfire in specially built 'dome home' article, as also reported nationwide on ABC.

FoamKrete is a recently promoted secret "ad-mixture" that according to UC Davis of California, only five manufacturing facilities in the US can supply. The real story here is an Applied Research Paper: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete as a Green Building Material by Stefan Schnitzler of UC Davis, is followed by U.S. Geological Survey, Bureau of Mines, and State of Oregon reports that Lincoln County just happens to be one of two nepheline syenite deposits in the U.S. that could supply a more ecologically friendly supply to do away with using the less efficient fly ash that Leslie Sthal recently condemned on Sixty Minutes for being toxic waste. The other source of supply is 3M in Arkansas. Without getting in a Aluminina Percentage match, know that Oregon's Al203, at 19.35 percent, is better than China's 19.3 percent selling at $225 per ton on

As much of what has happened since putting up the web site of www.FoamKrete.Com site (and, and even and a www, may have to do with a multinational suppression of an Oregon product, if any of this interests and makes sense to you, contact Roberta Dickerson, of 3703 Alsea River Highway, Waldport, OR 97394, or at 503-753-5868, or at, which has been her long established e-mail address.

P.S. Roberta would love to hear the thinking (not spam) of "creative housing" thinkers designs. Author / Claim Holder / Inventor Barry Murray, at 76-years, is already thinking, "since strong FoamKrete is 80% air, and floats as Ivory Soap, why not build off-grid houseboats?" Please stop him before he explodes!

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